Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday 6.9.10

I'm surrounded by people. All. Day. Long. My "office" (aka cubicle) is in a factory that employs some 160 people. They're everywhere: working, eating, playing ping pong, sitting in meetings, getting coffee... you get the idea. It should be easy to crank out two drawings a day. Yet I found myself waiting for the right opportunity to draw any one of them yesterday. So I'm confessing up front- I am one drawing short for Wednesday (hangs head in shame).

Now that we've got that out of the way, a little about the drawing that I did get- so much of my job is about sitting in meetings, having conversations, taking notes, making something happen and re-capping what just happened. What better way to capture those magic moments than to sketch my co-workers? Talk about jumping out of your comfort zone. Most of these people have never seen anything I've created (excluding all the killer events and media coverage I mastermind), and it does feel a little... something... to be "doodling" during event re-cap meetings. I felt like I was back in high school doing something devious or inappropriate, but that feeling was kind of exciting; just like it was in high school.

Well, I placed my sketch pad in my lap under the table and sketched furiously. I swear my boss gave me a puzzled glance at one point, and I thought "uh-oh", but I'm realizing most of this is probably just in my head. Early on in my drawing, I had assessed the proportions of my subjects head incorrectly. Usually, I would abandon the sketch and start over, but I pushed on. Once I had eliminated any aspect of her likeness, I focused on her shoulders and necklace, which came out great! The rest of the sketch- not so much.

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