Friday, June 25, 2010

The Sketchbook Project

While Mandy and I are zeroing in on our next project (we have too many ideas; a good problem to have) I'm excited to say that we've found a great long term project, thanks to my friend Liz. It's actually called "The Sketchbook Project". The long and the short of it: 2800 people from all over the world get the same sketchbook. Each artist chooses a theme from the list on the website, or allows their theme to be selected at random. Work it out and send it back by January 15, 2011. Then, the books are barcoded, catalogued, and sent on tour all over the U.S. The artist can track how many times their book was taken off the shelf and where, online.

I signed up on Wednesday. Selected "random" for my theme, even though I'm totally uncomfortable with the idea of having to fill out an entire sketchbook with a theme, not of my own choosing. This will be just the shove (giant PUSH) beyond the comfort zone that I need, and I am totally up for the challenge.

My book should be here in two weeks and I'm pretty darn excited! We'll be sure to keep you updated as we both begin work on our sketchbooks...


  1. So excited...I already have my theme picked out, just have to order the thing. Cheers to getting out of the "comfort zone"...