Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday Rainy Thursday

It's mid-June and people all over the city wore hoodies and fleece today. Seriously. The rain and gray days have the entire city of Portland in a funk-myself included. I went to Laughing Planet for lunch and while we were waiting for our food, I spotted a woman leaning over the condiment table intently. Gray flowing skirt coupled with a heavy, lined hoody. Case in point on the gross weather and what it's doing to our spring wardrobes.

On the drive back to the office, I decided to draw KW. It was somewhat awkward for me to be "in your face" about drawing someone. And of course he had to make faces at me. But, it was somewhat liberating to draw someone I know so well, and be able to show them afterwards, even though I didn't feel it looked like him so much. He thought it was more accurate than I did. Who knew?

1 comment:

  1. Love the cross-hatching...the pleats on that ladies skirt are amazing and I can see the fun that you had accompishing this!