Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Last of the Sketches from Project # 2

Here are the rest of my sketches from last week's project. I look forward to continuing to sketch unsuspecting subjects. Ultimately, I'd like to capture more people in motion, out and about doing things and not sneakily sketching them from behind. While I explained the concept of the CWP to my step-father and showed him my sketches, he made a great observation: my sketches (most of them) are of people in cafe's of one kind or another. Portland is all about coffee, bars and cafes. We are a city of foodies. So in looking for the subtle differences between my art and Mandy's art, our day to day subject matter really does reflect the culture and lifestyle. Hurray! It's working.

Anyhow, here are my sketches starting with the most recent...
Guy sitting at the bar at Besaw's during happy hour. 6-16-10

Tony P in the standing Tuesday marketing team meeting 6-15-10

Guy with unruly children (not pictured here) at Bank of America early Saturday 6-13-10.

Breakfast at Genie's for my step-dad's birthday. We got there early and these were the only other people to sketch. Not a great view. 6-12-10

Playing hooky from work- buying magazines for "research" I stopped by Starbuck's for a soy chai latte and spotted this lady, who was completely engrossed with her phone. Starbuck's on NW 23rd. 6-11-10

In Mandy's absence I have been spending many hours making pottery and cards for an upcoming sale. I'll call my personal assignment for this week Bowl Making. My goal is to complete (throw and trim) 20 bowls by next Saturday 6/26. I think I have about 5 done so far! Whew! Here we go again...

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