Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sunday and Monday

Just after I posted this weeks challenge, i went out for breakfast to a great little neighborhood spot called Hash. It was RAINING! We situated our selves in the windows facing the breakfast bar and it was the perfect way to get started with this public drawing thing. The view was a bit obstructed so there were details omitted but I'm pleased with the beginning. Pardon the poor photo quality. I tried to scan them at work to no avail. Hopefully this will improve as the week goes on.

SUNDAY 6.6.10 at Hash

Monday at New Seasons (Street Side)

Monday was busy. Go, go, go all day. It wasn't until I stopped at the market on my way home from family dinner in the burbs that I realized I hadn't done my sketches for the day. Really, it wasn't until I was putting my groceries in the car. I was feeling lazy as I grabbed my sketch paper and pen, luckily for me there was a tall, lanky fellow sitting outside of the New Seasons completely engrossed in a book. Dear sir- you saved my artistic mission for the day.

I tried for two sketches but learned quickly that I need some practice representing moving targets. This one woman was taunting me. Standing on the sidewalk chatting away on her cell phone, she'd strike a pose and just as I'd get going, she'd pace in the opposite direction! Repeatedly. I gave up, but I did get some awkward lines on the paper. It's not pretty but here it is...


  1. Nice Niki, love that you posted everything. I had sketched Dixie a couple of days ago and hated it, balled it up and threw it away. I am wishing so bad that I had it now. Just never realize how precious something is until you no longer have it. Sniff Sniff.

  2. Aww. I know! I have so many half finished sketches of Jadie. The worst part about dogs is that they don't live as long as us. Sigh. Stay strong lady.

  3. It was raining? surprise surprise! Keep drawing!