Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Green Coil Project

This was the shape that I began with, don't really know what inspired it
I have that song "Apologize"  by One Republic going through my head right now. I feel real crappy about the delay on the Coil Project, I have only myself to blame. I don't know what I was thinking giving myself a deadline right at the beginning of school. I have the piece done and at the studio to be fired I just have not gotten over there to glaze it yet. TO DO list for this week! Promise! So, just to whet your appetite...here is a picture of the creation of my monster....
Adding Coils
Finished! It has another neck growing out of the other side, just did these pics with my phone. I wanted to smooth out the whole thing so bad, but my instincts kept telling me to calm down and keep the coil texture. You can see where I did have to end up smoothing some though.

My process started with the funky shape, building up the coils and letting them slowly start to sink back on themselves. This is tricky because if you add to many to fast it will collapse, so you have to do some, let it get a little leathery and then add more. The "necks" I had to add a day later after more drying by using slip and mucho patience.

Don't really know what kind of glaze I am going to go for yet, just going to let the choices inspire me. I really do want something very organic and natural though, because I see this piece going in the garden and letting some vines start to grow in and out of it.

 Whatcha think?

*on a side note, just read back over the post and realized there is a heart shape that was unmentioned. This is my daughter's take on the project. She made a cute heart shaped bowl, will post her finished project as well.

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  1. Funny! We both ended up with a two armed creation. I love that you left the texture- that never even occurred to me. My OCD nature took over and I spent way too much time trying to smooth out the surface. I really love yours and can't wait to see it with some glaze.