Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Coils Away!

Well, I lost a little momentum on this project. I just couldn't translate the shape in my mind to the real, live, clay version of itself. While I’ll admit (and have already admitted) that I really didn’t care for this project initially, it did grow on me once I got going and committed to finishing it. The shape I cut from paper, that was supposed to evolve into a three dimensional form may have been a little too complicated for a coil novice like myself. I made a few attempts to make the shape I crafted in my mind so easily, but translating that shape from paper to clay just didn’t pan out. I was surprised to find that I did really come to enjoy the process by the time I'd finished building. Not the coil as much as the manipulating the shape it produced. Smoothing it with my fingers- blindly searching for the right shape to be formed.

It became more about the process. I finished coiling it- creating a shape that is … interesting for sure. Certainly out of character for me and my “style”. Definitely abstract. And I couldn’t help myself but to turn it into a vase; evidence of my uncontrollable need to have functionality & purpose in all of my endeavors. I'm a creature of habit, what can I say?

Like Mandy's project, I am still in the greenware phase, but we are long overdue on this one, so I thought best to post it as-is and re-visit it once it's been fired. So here we go...

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