Monday, August 9, 2010

Pot Update + Recent Paintings

I thought that while we are waiting on the Coil-Project due date I would update you on my recent paintings as well as a fun photo of me "pottting".  Photo by Lily (age 8) I dropped it off to be fired and will hopefully glaze it at some point this week. Since I do all of my work at home, I have to fire elsewhere which leaves it to the fates on how fast it will be. So, fingers crossed it will be ready by deadline!!!!!!

For my Pregnant friends I have been doing a number of baby room oriented paintings
This has been a very productive couple of months for me, and I have finally started to really love making art just for the journey instead of the destination. Once I started doing this, I noticed my attention to detail becoming more pronounced (up from none at all) and that I actually crave time alone uninterupted to create. Which, drumroll please.....Will be next Tuesday when I take BOTH kids to school for the first time!!!!!!! Next up on the agenda is starting the Sketchbook project...Must start soon! My theme: In Flight!

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