Monday, August 2, 2010


Confession time: I do not like this project! I haven't really allocated much time to making it happen either, so that could also be part of the problem. I started strong last weekend, with every intention of building this thing in a day. I cut out a squiggly shape with many arms and legs, something similar to a jack from that long lost game of my childhood. I got set up in the back yard, rolled out several coils and started building.

At the end of my first attempt I had two stubby, lumpy pieces of clay and a mountain of frustration. The clay was not doing what I wanted it to. All of my tools are at the studio, so I opted for a fork to handle scoring the coils together. While that works, it's far from delicate- or effective. Time to go back to the drawing board. Perhaps I was a little over ambitious with my re-introduction to coil? I need to create an easier shape and just do it. Working smaller will probably help too. Truth be told meeting the deadline will be tough, but I'm committed to making it happen.

Mandy- are you faring any better?

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  1. Well, I am faring better. I guess because I came up with the project it was easier for me. Will post a picture of me in the process soon. Good luck, breathe and be patient.