Sunday, November 7, 2010

Finished Nicole's Painting...

This was such a daunting task, taking someone Else's art and finishing it for them. A very cool concept, but hard as hell. What ever to do with an other's idea without offending them to much?  We sent paintings that we didn't really care what happened to, but I still felt weird adding to something someone else did. So, what happened? It sat taunting me for weeks before an idea hit me. During meditation I was thinking of webs, spirals and wormholes and I thought how cool would Nicole's bug be with a Yantra behind it! I forgot to take an extreme before pic, but here it is before paint..imagine it with just the bug and that is the "before".
Then I just kept adding paint,which I continued in watercolors to keep with the theme. This is a challenge for me anyway because I am not one with watercolor. Check out this pic and my Crayolas!
Then the final product..

What Ya think?

1 comment:

  1. I lOVE it! So much better than it sitting here all naked and unfinished. I have ideas for yours and will get to work next week! Hurrah!