Sunday, November 14, 2010

Contemplating Mandy's Painting and Other Anecdotes

I was so excited to see how Mandy altered my Mosquito watercolor to finish it up in a way I would never have imagined. The story behind that painting and why it was left unfinished goes a little something like this:

My last boyfriend was a writer and had written a book that took place in a fictitious (?) town in florida called Mosquito Key. He had visions of his book cover consisting of a squashed mosquito, that looked more like a Rorschach Print than the pseudo realistic bugs I kept painting. Now, I have at least 20 renditions of this concept; in water color, colored pencil & acrylic lying around the house and no clue what to do with them all. So it was fun to see how Mandy approached it.

I did receive Mandy's painting several weeks ago and promptly placed it on the easel with the other two unfinished paintings, that sits in front of yet another almost completed canvas that hangs on the wall behind my closet door. At first I was nervous about working on it, so we've been engaged in a bit of a staring contest- stalemate sort of situation here.

There has been so much happening lately that I have felt creatively drained by the time I had time to work on my own projects: busy at work, new roommate, moving all the art crap back into my bedroom from my "studio" (aka Mike's new bedroom), oh and planning for the Art Sale! Whew! I am thrilled to report that I have taken the next week off from work and will be making art all week long.

My first creative mission of today? Get some of my own paint onto Mandy's painting. Here it is as she sent it to me.

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  1. Open up your petals and BLOOM girl! I can't wait to see it!