Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Excuses, Excuses

Where does the time go? So October 1st becomes October 8th... that's not terrible. Is it? Rather than list all of the reasons my project is late (and possibly incomplete), I thought I'd show you through sketches. I've become a bit obsessed with the Sketchbook Project. I carry my personal sketchbook with me everywhere to work out new ideas that I may have about it. I sketch random people for practice. Most of my subjects are sipping a beer, enjoying a meal or reading a book. Occasionally I get ambitious and attempt to sketch something non-human, like the Flat Iron Building pictured above.
A Conversation with an Architect: Corey Martin- lecture series I've been organizing at work. Just a few folks from the audience.

The Basement pub with the roommate (referred to here as "Zaugg"). He stated that the girl on the right was MUCH cuter than I drew her, not sure how this lead to the thought bubble commentary above her.

On the left, a poor rendition of a co-worker during an extremely painful marketing meeting. On the right, drinks with the roomie at Produce Row Cafe. It doesn't actually look like Mike, but more like Ron Perlman. I skillfully drew what I imagine the back of my head looks like.

As for The Sketchbook Project sketchbook... Ugh.

When we last "spoke", I was lamenting about that allusive first mark in the actual Sketchbook Project book. Well, I'm still afraid of that thing, damnit! I did make some marks... super lightly with pencil, but that is as far as I got. I have been working on it though as noted above. When I'm out and about, I chat up my friends about the project, sometimes we brainstorm ideas over drinks. I furiously scribble lists and make thumbnail sketches in the non-Sketchbook Project sketchbook. Here's where I'm at...

Originally my concept was to illustrate all the places your name could appear over the course of your life; from the cradle to the grave so to speak. In the last day or so, I began to envision a different way. It could be drawings of all kinds of people: ethnicity, sex, size, shape and profession. This would be more about diversity and that you could really be anyone. Your name could appear anywhere. Maybe it's a combination of both ideas. I think I have been contemplating the nature of people, their similarities and differences, too much lately. It's spilling over to my art projects.

So here we are. I vote we alter the project plan. Let's post pictures of the sketchbook progress weekly for a bit. What say you, Miss Mandy?

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  1. Yes, once I find it...LOL...Have some pics of finally glazing my pot yesterday. Will post when I get home!