Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Inaugural Marks Made: Sketchbook Cherry Finally Popped!

After several consecutive days of internal false promises--- I'll start my Sketchbook today. Ok. No, really. I'll start it today. Ummm... today? Maybe tomorrow. It finally dawns on me. It is nearly mid-October! This thing is due in THREE months! And I have an awfully busy fall ahead of me.

After laying around recovering from another crazy, busy day, I finally forced myself to unearth The Sketchbook. Me and Basil, The Sketchbook Project, the daily sketchbook, and a bag full of pencils got into bed together with a glass of wine. There we sat. Why the hell am I so intimidated by this thing? Many minutes spent leafing through the blank pages and looking at the thumbnail sketches in the daily book, and I decided it didn't have to be a cohesive story. I've been getting hung up on that over and over again. I needed to dump some of my self imposed rules to free me up to just dig in. Start somewhere. Anywhere.

Deep breath.

I now have the foundations of three sketches. I will just go down the checklist of ideas I've made and make some sort of progress everyday. That is the only rule in place right now. EVERY Day.

I'm not totally thrilled with the results of those first sketches as they are now, but I am relieved to have the pressure of making that first mark alleviated. Here we go!

In other news, I've gotten together with my fellow artists from this past summer's Art Sale, and we're planning a bigger, better, Give Good Art Sale. We're moving out of the "McFerren-Curcio Mansion" and into a real live venue. A pretty amazing one at that. So effective immediately, I will be heads down, making a ton of pottery for our sale at Mississippi Studios on December 5th! So exciting. The creative juices are flowing again and I'm off to the studio to throw some clay around.

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  1. Good for you, just un-drawered mine and put it in plain view. Got some great inspiration this weekend...we'll see where it leads me.

    Good luck on the pottin!